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Vronsky, a keen , takes part in a event, during which he rides his Frou-Frou too hard—his irresponsibility causing her to fall and break her back. Anna is unable to hide her distress during the accident. Before this, Anna had told Vronsky that she is pregnant with his child. Karenin is also present at the races and remarks to Anna that her behaviour is improper. Anna, in a state of extreme distress and emotion, confesses her affair to her husband. Karenin asks her to break it off to avoid further gossip, believing that their marriage will be preserved.

When Levin visits Dolly, she attempts to understand what happened between him and Kitty and to explain Kitty's behaviour. Levin is very agitated by Dolly's talk about Kitty, and he begins to feel distant from Dolly as he perceives her loving behaviour towards her children as false. Levin resolves to forget Kitty and contemplates the possibility of marriage to a woman. However, a chance sighting of Kitty in her carriage makes Levin realise he still loves her. Meanwhile, in St. Petersburg, Karenin refuses to separate from Anna, insisting that their relationship will continue. He threatens to take away Seryozha if she persists in her affair with Vronsky.


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On November 6, 2013, began releasing a line of merchandise featuring Anna in and other retailers. Various versions of Anna dolls include the fashion doll set, the mini-doll set, plush doll, Anna-as-a-toddler doll, and a special version called , which lights up and plays their signature songs that appear in the film when users hold their hands or they hold each other's hands. Anna's merchandise also covers a wide range of other products, such as rolling luggage, boots, clothes, nightgowns, bowls, plates, coffee mugs, and home décors. In addition, the film was adapted as simplified storybooks for children, with diverse versions featuring sound effects, original character voices, and mini projectors that project movie images on the wall. One of those books, called , includes illustrations by Brittney Lee, the film's visual development artist. Both Anna and Elsa appear as playable characters in through the use of their corresponding figurines.