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Lulu Powers Food to Flowers: Simple, Stylish Food for Easy Entertaining


I recently received a copy of Lulu Powers’ new book and to be honest, I had no expectations about this book. However, once I starting flipping through the pages, I very was pleasantly surprised.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Lulu Powers, she is a chef to the stars, catering parties for a cache of A-list celebrities. At first it was this vibrant and stunning photographed cookbook that had my attention- but soon I realized Lulu’s recipes and tips for simple entertaining at home were the shining star. Her ability to guide you through the party planning process, with loads of information about entertaining and hosting in a fun, relaxed manner- is impressive.


Entertaining expert Lulu Powers

With a client roster that includes Bill Clinton and Madonna and a second book on the way, Los Angeles entertaining designer Lulu Powers is swamped. But she's never too busy to host — she threw a bash for 200 the night of this shoot!