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Today's Shadows (Lost Sanctuary Book 3)

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Bit late with my comment as ii watched the highlights, but at the END OF THE THIRD SET, NADAL HAD SET POINT AND DIDN’T CHALLENGE a call that was called IN but was OUT (as mentioned by the Commentator), and lost the chance of a Second Serve, resulting in NK winning the point, what a Travesty/Shame,, he might have won that set if he had challenged. I think no-one could have beaten NK that day…..Rafa was unlucky it was him and not Novak or Roger……I think Roger and Novak have had all the easy draws….WHOSE MAKING THESE DECISIONS…..the whole tournament is geared to get Rafa out of Murrays way!! Karma………he lost today unfortunate for him, as I wanted him to win today. As a Rafa Fan, I don’t want him to loose his No. 1 spot,, so let’s hope Kyrgious will continue his form and BEAT NOVAK!!!! Come on Kyrgious for Rafas sake!!!!

“When you have nothing to lose you can play the way he did today. When you are playing in the last rounds, it is harder to hit 140 mph second serves. For him the next round for me the beach. My draw was not the best against a lot of players who cannot give you a chance to play very much. I am not upset that I lost today.”


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