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The Lorax (Classic Seuss)


The Lorax by Dr. Seuss is a timeless classic, and there’s renewed interest in the story thanks to which came out today. There’s no shortage of movie related apps in the App Store, and The Lorax is no different with four different Lorax apps. Two are by NBC Universal directly tied to the movie, and two are from Oceanhouse Media, and have been in the App Store before the movie was announced. Oceanhouse Media has a brilliant digital collection of the Dr. Seuss’ library, and they have done a great job of devices.
is part of their collection, and offers the same set of features including read to me, read it myself, and autoplay. You can tap on any part of the image to hear it aloud, and there’s a beautiful design throughout to thoroughly enjoy the actual story that the movie is based on. Oceanhouse Media also has made the allowing you to grow Truffula trees in a game designed by the maker of , with a very similar set-up.

To those who consider THE LORAX Dr. Seuss' magnum opus, this adaptation will be at least somewhat a relief (unlike the miserable ). It's light and sweet and frames the original story in an easy-to-understand plot about a boy who wants to impress his tree-obsessed crush. The star-studded voice cast does a fine job (the main characters are even named after Dr. Seuss -- Theodore Geisel -- and his widow, Audrey), and the songs are all upbeat, if not Randy Newman-memorable. If it weren't an adaptation, The Lorax would make for a fun, message-filled movie with a charming set of characters.


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