• Looking For Alaska
  • Minimalistic poster depicting the last words of Looking For Alaska by John Green.
  • Did you know ‘Looking For Alaska’, which was John Green’s first novel, turns ten years old in 2015?
  • Looking for Alaska brilliantly chronicles the indelible impact one life can have on another.

Lamp-In-A-Box TRI-TRV-ALASK Travel - Alaska Postcard Tripod Lamp

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Shit like that will change a person. The change is immediate and it’s permanent. I am not the same person I was before that moment, that girl is dead and gone. A big piece of me is missing…….and in many ways I’m a stuck back there. Which brings me to my one complaint about Looking for Alaska, I thought these characters (I’m trying not to use names, so that I don’t completely ruin it) seem to get back to their scampery and pranks a tad too soon for my taste. I didn’t buy that they would even care about that kind of stuff anymore. But then again, it makes for a better book, having things happen.

In Looking for Alaska there is a sudden, stupid death and I thought John Green told that story perfectly. The reactions of the characters were spot on. Shock, horror, disbelief, anger all come first, mostly its disbelief. In fact, so spot on that it took me right back to a time when this happened to me. It felt like John grabbed a hold of my shoulders and pushed me back in time twenty years. One of the characters said something like “No, no….you’re lying . He/she isn’t dead, their playing a joke. It’s not possible their dead, stop lying to me.”


Looking for Alaska Quotes by John Green

“So excited to announce that the brilliant filmmaker Sarah Polley will be writing and directing a film adaption of LOOKING FOR ALASKA. I’m a HUGE fan of Sarah’s movies, and her idea about Looking For Alaska are really wonderful, and I am SO VERY EXCITED.”