• Figure 7-29. Lodish 5th edition
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  • Figure 18-29, Lodish 4th edition. Figure 19-23, Lodish 5th edition. The sliding-filament model of contraction in striated muscle.
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Molecular Cell Biology (Lodish, Molecular Cell Biology)


Yes Histology, A Text & Atlas, 5th Edition Ross 5th Edition ... Yes Biochemistry Berg & Tymoczko 6th Edition Yes Molecular Cell Biology, 5th Lodish 5th Edition.

Figure 21-38, Lodish 4th edition. Figure 7-45, Lodisth 5th edition. Three-dimensional structure of the nicotinic acetylcholine receptor based on amino acid sequence data, computer-generated averaging of high-resolution electron micrographs, and information from site-specific mutations.


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