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Lisa Richards is an authority on Candida and related infections, with knowledge she gained through years of treating yeast infections. Lisa Richards doesn’t boast of any fancy qualifications like most authors like to tell us. Instead, she is a practical person that prefers to experiment with a range of options just as she did with the Ultimate Candida Diet. After beating her own yeast overgrowth problems, Lisa was confident that she would replicate the same solution to treat thousands of other Candida sufferers.

It wasn’t until Lisa Richards learnt about (including Candida) that she started making sense of what she was suffering from. Lisa discovered that the condition she was suffering from was a systemic yeast infection known as Candidiasis.


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For the last 10 years, Lisa Richards has empowered thousands of individuals to improve their digestive health and regain their vitality. She has intensively researched how imbalances in the gut flora develop, the ways in which they can affect our health, and the most effective treatments. In her Ultimate Candida Diet program, she shares the full protocol that she developed to fight Candida.