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  • ...of sweet pacifist Lew Ayres.
  • Ginger Rogers and Lew Ayres on the set of Don’t Bet on Love (1933)
  • Lew Ayres in his home garden

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As an Ayres, I didn’t even know much about Lew Ayres. I have read some about him. But, I did learn a lot from this. I agree with a previous poster. I didn’t know that Lou was a conscientious objector during WWII. This post has sparked an interest for me. I intend to learn more about Lew.

I was not aware of Lew Ayres background as a Conscientious Objector either before this article. All the other times he played doctors must have affected his choice to become a medic in the war, don't you think? I hope that "All Quiet on the Western Front" is still read in schools and hope that the movie is seen by some. Not to mention his later choice to play a different doctor in the sci-fi classic "Donovan's Brain."Good choice to write about for the blog, Moira. Thanks.


~ Paul Bäumer (Lew Ayres) in All Quiet on the Western Front (1930)

Hey, dear readers, it’s great that so many of us still enjoy Lew Ayres’ work. I think his life off-screen may have been even more interesting than his long, fascinating career, which encompassed everything from co-starring with Greta Garbo in The Kiss to Donovan’s Brain and beyond! It is possible that this continued interest may generate a biography someday soon. Btw, Art, I remember that great Mary Tyler Moore show too. When Mary dated the much older, and still very appealing Mr. Ayres, her friends asked if “she felt old age creeping up on her!” I think many very young women can still understand her interest–especially if they had seen his earlier movies!