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Multiplication and Division Grades 3-4


Who says math can't be fun? Division is splitting into equal parts or groups. The result of division is fair sharing. Sharing is a we start to learn when we are young. It carries through many aspects of life. Yes even into Math!
Sharing can be explained in many ways, but division can sometimes make it a very clear lesson. Think of yourself with a friend. You are about to have a snack. You decide to get out the cookies, but to your disappointment there is only one left. You would like to have it for yourself, and your friend would like to have it too. The right thing to do would be to share the cookie. Therefore you must divide it in two. You take a knife and evenly separate the cookie into equal pieces. This is fair sharing. Now you both are happy.
This is a simplified way to explain sharing and a nice way to demonstrate division. All through life you will need the skills of division. It is best to get a grasp on it now. Practice practice practice! Visual Math Learning is a fun and easy way to get in that much needed practice.
You don't need your to agree that understanding math is a necessity for all things life throws at you. In fact every career possibility needs math. Every stage of job growth will involve math. Division, is an important step in understanding all mathematics. Be sure to give learning division an appropriate amount of time. It may take longer for some, but no worries! You will get it!
When you are ready, use Visual Math Learning as a tool to become more educated about division. Having a is not necessary to run this program. Please enjoy your time going through the tutorials. If you are a student, take your time and learn the material. If you are an educator use these to help your student succeed with mathematics.

My son is beginning to learn division. He is having a hard time understanding the concept, so I decided to try out a few things to help him. I want to get him over the fear of it. We started by playing a simple game. I gave him 30 and a mini muffin tin. He had to divide the beads between the slots evenly.


Learning Division- Sailboat - Coloring Squared

Based on Australian and New Zealand primary school curricula Let's Learn Division helps students aged 8 - 12+ learn about the amazing world of simple and long division in a fun and effective way.