• (Source: Scotland's Roman Remains by Lawrence Keppie)
  • “The Romans on the Bay of Naples: An Archaeological Guide” by Lawrence Keppie.
  • Lawrence Keppie is Retired Curator at the Hunterian Museum
  • Lawrence Keppie

The Making of the Roman Army: From Republic to Empire


Lawrence Keppie is Reader in Roman Archaeology at the Hunterian Museum, Glasgow. He is the author of Understanding Roman Inscriptions (Batsford 1991) and the forthcoming Army of Augustus (Routledge).

“General Forbes,” “Andrew Carnegie” and a real-life Forbes descendent, Lawrence Keppie, joined me in unveiling the marker. I thought the Forbes re-enactor looked just as he should and just as I’d imagined the general. When I asked him what he liked about portraying Forbes, he said it was actually a somewhat new experience as he usually portrays kings (he does a great , apparently). It was fun to talk about these historic figures with someone who helps bring them to life for the public.


Professor Lawrence Keppie Lecture

Lawrence Keppie overcomes the traditional dichotomy between the historical view of the Republic and the archaeological approach to the Empire by examining archaeological evidence from the earlier years.