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The show was far from perfect—it often fell short on its treatment of issues like transitioning, gender identity, and diversity, and it frequently excluded large segments of the LGBT community. But The L Word made strides in normalizing the idea of complex queer female characters on television and created a world for an audience that was (and still is) hungry for representation. Through the gritty, comedic, and often heartbreaking portrayal of its main characters, the creators of The L Word began to show the world that queer women are not some unknown, unknowable creatures leading deviant lifestyles driven by alien motives, but honest-to-god humans who muddle through the complications that arise from dating, making friends, breaking up, choosing sides, and going on road trips with your mom, your ex’s current, and your crush in the same car.

The rest of the cast more than makes up for Jenny, though, from Carmen (Sarah Shahi), the clever, gorgeous DJ with a Shane (Katherine Moennig) problem, to Alice, the quick-witted bisexual gossip and creator of The Chart, which details the tangled web woven by the group’s sexual encounters. It won’t be long before you find yourself beginning to love these characters and soon, Alice Pieszecki & Co. may feel like the friend group you occasionally wish you had, talking about all of the things you wish you could discuss. Together, they make up this rich and deep and beautiful—if frequently frustrating and occasionally downright bizarre—world of The L Word.


Title: The L Word (2004–2009)

Who doesn’t know what Lynch has been up to? Lynch starred on the L Wordat first as Tina’s shark-like lawyer during the divorce from Bette. She became the eventual love interest for Phyllis. Lynch has enjoyed the most success since the show’s run with TV hits including Glee, Party Down, Two and a Half Men, andHollywood Game Night. You can also find her in big budget films including Julie & Julia, Ice Age,Rio, and Wreck-It Ralph, and A.C.O.D. to name only a few. If that’s not enough, she took on the role of Miss Hannigan in the Broadway revival of Annie last summer.