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  • As life flourishes in fertile lakes Prespa and Ohrid, new species evolve.
  • As life flourishes in fertile lakes Prespa and Ohrid, new species evolve.
  • Gull Lake View Golf Club & Resort is Southwest Michigan’s oldest and largest golf resort, featuring  in Augusta, MI.

Death Twitches: A Lake People Novel

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The shoreline surrounding Lake LBJ is highly developed, with miles of bulkhead and boat houses that provide cover. Several creeks wind back off the main lake, providing shallow vegetative cover in the form of water willow and spatterdock. The area near the dam is rocky and clear, while the upper end of the reservoir is more sandy and stained. A small power plant is located in the Horseshoe Bay area, discharging hot water during the winter, when forage and game fish will concentrate in this area. Many submerged brush piles are hidden beneath the surface and can provide excellent angling opportunities if located. Don't expect these "honey holes" to be advertised, good electronic sonar equipment will be needed to find these structures.

Lake LBJ contains a moderate density largemouth and Guadalupe bass population. There is also a moderate density white bass population with runs occurring up the Llano River in the spring (February-May). Lake LBJ's white crappie population is the best of any of the Highland Lakes chain. Blue, channel, and flathead catfish are abundant and occur throughout the reservoir.


Kalamalka Lake | Art By Michelle Britton

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