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  • One of the better bishoujo statues of DC Comics character from Kotobukiya.
  • One of the nicer kits from Kotobukiya’s Frame Arms series.
  • One of the better statues in Kotobukiya’s line of bishoujo statues of DC comics characters.

Kotobuki ( red and white paper cranes )

Too low to display

Check out this sketch of the upcoming Danger Room Sessions: Colossus statue, plus a preview shot of the Deadpool statue by Kotobukiya (but it’s not part of the Danger Room Sessions set)!

Psylocke. She’s quite possibly the sexiest of all the X-Men, and undoubtedly one of the most deadly. She’s also a favorite character of mine, and this statue of her from Kotobukiya victoriously standing atop a Sentinel hand in the Danger Room is something I’ve just gotta have!


Kotobukiya collectibles are available in a number of other fandoms

This is supposed to be a convention exclusive, but Kotobukiya did tell us a few will be made available, and you’ll have to make your pre-order TODAY, July 01 beginning at 10:00 AM PST (1:00 PM EST).