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Kai and Martin were awarded the from champions and in 1985. After touring on the independent circuit and Japan for a few years, Martin and Kai returned to the WWF, repackaged as the platinum haired . The duo appeared at the first in 1987 as part of then champion 's team to face the Fabulous Moolah's team. Martel's team consisting of Martel, The Glamour Girls (Leilani Kai and Judy Martin), , and lost to The Fabulous Moolah's team consisting of Moolah, Velvet McIntyre, , and the Japanese imports, the ( and ). The Glamour Girls (managed by ) feuded for much of 1988 with The Jumping Bomb Angels for the WWF Women's Tag Team Championship. The two teams staged an epic at the first event in 1988, with the Bomb Angels capturing the gold. Kai and Martin recaptured the title months later in Japan before the belts were once again abandoned.

Judy Hardee (born October 8, 1955) is a former female known as Judy Martin. Martin is a former . She held the title with partner as . The Glamour Girls also held the LPWA Tag Team titles.


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Description: Judy Martins is five-feet four-inches tall and in 1978, weighed approximately 120 pounds. She has dark hair and hazel eyes. She was wearing a ring on one of her right fingers when she disappeared. If she were alive today, Judy would be fifty-nine-years-old.