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A Fine Boy for Killing (The Sea Officer William Bentley Novels)


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This title is set in Paris in 1492. Hideously deformed, deaf and near blind, the hunchback Quasimodo lives in the Notre-Dame bell tower. Beneath him in the square, the beautiful gypsy Esmeralda dances for the crowds. The pious, misogynistic archdeacon Frollo watches from his cell. As his desire turns to obsession, so the story marches inexorably towards a final act of terrible revenge...David Hughes' grotesque and beautiful illustrations use a mixture of photography and drawing to create a truly striking visual experience, whilst Jan Needle's newly translated and sensitively re-edited text opens up this classic tale to a younger audience for the first time.


A Review of 'The Bully' (Jan Needle)

Jan Needle, a native of Portsmouth, England, has had a lifelong interest in naval history. He is the author of four acclaimed novels under the pseudonym Frank Kippax, and also has a highly successful career as a TV scriptwriter and, under his own name, as a writer of award-winning children's fiction.