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Jack Van Impe Prophecy Bible (Special Limited Edition /Words of Christ in Red)


People all around the world receive gifts from God, sometimes on a daily basis. I truly believe that one of the many important gifts that he has given to us is Jack Van Impe Ministries. I pray that he continues to carry on doing what God out him on this Earth for ... to preach about the coming of our Lord, King, and Savior Jesus Christ! God bless Jack and Rexella.

At my school I see a lot of Gothik kids wearing shirts that say 'We like your skin now give it to us'. That's horrable!I also hear how Gods not real!I also hear the Earth was made by an asteroid. That can't be true because if the Earth was made by an asteroid then we would have never been created. Me as a christian who just got baptized not so long ago feels disturbed and uncomfortable when I hear this stuff. I hope people around the world will hear my brother through christ Jack Van Impe's word , believe, and accept christ into their lives. I love Jack and Rexella's Show! Your Brother, Dioso Gregorio 6th Grader!


Jack Van Impe & the Truth About Heaven - YouTube

For starters I can't thank you enough! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! So many people except alcohol as their best friend, and savior! But I like Dr. Jack Van Impe have been on the receiving end of it.