• John F Kennedy Jr and his wife Carolyn Bessette
  • r12, excerpt from a new book about JFK Jr. Has a lot of info on his affair with Madonna
  • Why didn't JFK Jr and Ed get along?
  • [quote]If jfk jr was an exhibitionist, why are there no naked pics of him?

J.F.K. Jr.


In honor of what would have been his 53rd birthday today (Nov. 25), we're taking a look back at the questionable trends only JFK Jr. could make cool.

The powers that be will never allow a JFK-quality leader to be elected ever again. Leaders like JFK, RFK, JFK Jr. and MLK are a threat to the 'powers that be' and they will be killed (case in point). Nowadays they just prevent them from winning by using the media to marginalize them, preventing electoral wins like they did to all the anti-war candidates this US election.


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In that same eulogy, Kennedy praised the “lifelong mutual admiration society” shared between JFK Jr. and his sister Caroline, who now serves as the United State ambassador to Japan.