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WordNet superficially resembles a thesaurus, in that it groups words together based on their meanings. However, there are some important distinctions. First, WordNet interlinks not just word forms—strings of letters—but specific senses of words. As a result, words that are found in close proximity to one another in the network are semantically disambiguated. Second, WordNet labels the semantic relations among words, whereas the groupings of words in a thesaurus does not follow any explicit pattern other than meaning similarity.

(2) The computer's internal storage unit. Word "size" refers to the amount of data a processor's internal data registers can hold and process at one time. Business computers generally have word sizes of 32 or 64 bits. Computers embedded in appliances and consumer products typically have word sizes of 8, 16 or 32 bits. See and .Given the same clock rate, the larger the word and the faster the computer calculates and compares. However, the speed increase depends on the size of the data being calculated. Adding a 16-bit number will not be faster in a computer with 32-bit registers than one with 16 bits, but a 24-bit number will be faster. The 16-bit computer requires additional steps to deal with the 24 bits (16 bits first, then the remaining 8), whereas all 24 bits of the number can fit in the 32-bit register. See .x86 ArchitectureIn the x86 PC (Intel, AMD, etc.), although the architecture has long supported 32-bit registers, its native word size stems back to its 16-bit origins, and a "single" word is 16 bits. A "double" word is 32 bits.Many Word SizesSince the advent of computers starting in the 1940s, machines have been designed with a variety of word sizes, including 10, 12, 20, 24, 36, 48 and 60 bits.


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A few days later I re-engaged you and this time you responded. You are one with few words, and simply gave me a number. There was no discussion, or interaction between us. I walked away almost giddy & high from the number. This reaction concerned me. An instant, gut reaction, to a small moment of interaction. I was not happy about the gut reaction, and had to think about this for a while. I know 1) I am healthy and 2) I have been doing pilates 3 times a week, so it is only normal for my weight to fluctuate from a few months ago when I was at the doctors’ office.