• “The First Lady is a Man” (MUSIC VIDEO)
  • (14:24) So apparently, I’m not the only person who knows that Michelle is a man - and a very strong man at that, I might add!
  • A man who has a desire to give back and help others is a man who will know how to value and appreciate a woman
  • (4:06) Here we see, a person [Ashton Kutcher] holding up their hand. By the ring finger length, it is safe to conclude, that he is a man.

My Man is a Loser

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My husband is a wonderful man. But lacks all off those. I am then man so to speak. I give him ample of opportunities to make decisions and take control of things and when he does its more do what you want.... I have to reinforce him by saying what do you want....its getting tiring because id love for him to just make a decision or be the man. I'm really at the end of it because his lack of communication, counseling doesn't work.... le sigh

There's nothing in the medical literature to back up any difference in men's and women's , says William Schaffner, MD, infectious disease specialist and chairman of preventive medicine at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine.


Morgan Heritage A Man Is Still A man

For males during puberty, testosterone, along with released by the , stimulates , along with the full sexual distinction of a human male from a human female, while women are acted upon by estrogens and progesterones to produce their sexual distinction from the human male.