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The Complete Guide to Sexual Positions (Sexual Enrichment Series)


Experimenting with different positions during sex is an effortless part of sex for some people—it's simply what they do in bed and happens naturally. For others, they usually prefer a comfortable position or two and trying something new can add a sense of pressure or even self-consciousness for people who haven't experimented much with different types of intercourse positions.

Many intercourse positions do not directly stimulate the clitoral glans. If a woman is able to reach orgasm through other types of stimulation (such as masturbation, hand stimulation or cunnilingus), but not during intercourse, adding some direct clitoral stimulation to intercourse may be helpful. A woman or her partner can use one or two fingers to rub the clitoral glans during intercourse. A small vibrator works well, too, especially bullet vibrators that can be attached to a penis ring for hands-free stimulation (and some secondary vibration for him).


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