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I Will Teach You To Be Rich


Bold. Young. Successful. Uber-educatedand financially savvy. Yup, that's Ramit Sethi. He's the founder of the companyI Will Teach You to be Rich, author of the eponymous book (a New York Timesbest-seller), and developer of a new online course, Earn1K. But can he reallylead everyone to riches, even when they're loaded down with debt?

Want to buy $200 jeans? $400 shoes? A weekend trip to Vegas? Great. Ramit Sethi, "I Will Teach You to Be Rich" author and company founder, speaks to the under-30 set on how to automate, invest and earn more so you can buy the things you love.


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In my conversations with Ramit, he’s stressed that I Will Teach You to Be Rich is “highly tactical”, and he’s right. He doesn’t just encourage readers to find the best , he walks them through the process. He provides scripts for requesting rate reductions from credit cards and banks. He demonstrates his method of automating his financial life. He describes how to come out ahead in salary negotiations.