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The Angry Birds Movie: Too Many Pigs (I Can Read Level 2)


I have to say, when I came up with this post idea, I imagined it going very differently, I like the way it turned out, but it’s definitely diverted from the original idea of can you read too much and developed into how to try and be an alright blogger in four simple steps. Sorry about that.

This post developed from my concern I was reading too much and neglecting my blog and neglecting my life in general, all because of a little comment from my mother. I do believe you can read too much, you risk reading burn out if you do that, but by being a blogger I think it helps me avoid it. I see everyone elses book blogs and all the books they are reading I have to go out and read them myself. I read too much to try and catch up with everyone else, which is stupid, I know.


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