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  • This is a remarkably conservative introduction to how to read and why.
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How to Read and Why


‘How to Read and Why… is sensationally alert to the joys of reading; and practically every page has some useful insight, some energising challenge.’ INDEPENDENT ON SUNDAY

I suppose also, you know, I would say that Meyer HowardAbrams and Frederick Albert Pottle and William Clyde Devane were, in their verydifferent way, very wise men. I say at the beginning of How to Read and Why,"information is readily available to us; where shall wisdom be found,"which is an ancient Biblical question. I found wisdom in those three teachers inparticular. While I'm not trying to be a guru or anything of that sort, any morethan they tried to be or actually were gurus, any hard-won wisdom of my owncomes primarily from what they started in me and from the deep reading of whatby now must be literally hundreds of thousands of books-ingesting them,memorizing them, voluntarily and involuntarily, pondering them, always turningthem over in my mind.


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