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That's Christmas To Me

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Although the Christmas season by definition runs until January 6 (), and is observed until at least by the public, almost all broadcasters skip the last , abruptly ending all holiday music at or even before midnight on December 25, and not playing a single Christmas song again until the next November. (Several radio stations actually promote this, with ads that proudly proclaim to listeners weary of the Christmas music that the station's regular format will indeed return on December 26, as soon as Christmas Day is over.) It is not uncommon for broadcasters to market the twelve-day period Christmas (December 14 to 25) as the "Twelve Days of Christmas", contrary to the traditional definition. One reason for this is that much popular Christmas music is so closely associated with Christmas Day itself that it would be difficult or impossible to play after December 25 without bringing up references that the broadcaster may wish to ignore (such as those that involve , who has already come and gone by Christmas morning). On occasion, some Christmas music stations will continue to play at least some Christmas music through the weekend following Christmas, or even through (particularly when stunting in anticipation of a format change; see below), but never any later.

Bob and Robin take a Dickensian journey in this year's holiday music special, with visits from some old friends, including Carrie Brownstein, Dan Auerbach, Aimee Mann and Ted Leo, Ben Folds and more. Mito Habe-Evans hide caption


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In which country is holiday music played more than any other? As unexpected as it may be, it's the Philippines. In the Philippines Christmas songs are played everywhere beginning on September 1st, the start of what they refer to as the "Ber Months". It's a unique practice in the Asian country with the largest percentage of Christians. The Filipino holiday season is the longest in the world, lasting 1/3rd of every year! So if you love seasonal music and just can't get enough, you'll surely love visiting the Philippines during the Ber Months.