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  • Title: His Story (30 Jan 2003)

The Story: The Bible as One Continuing Story of God and His People (Selections from the New International Version)


He has put some of his college dramatic society experience to use doing cameos in several of the film adaptations of his works as well as a bit part in a George Romero picture,. Joe Hill King also appeared in , which was released in 1982. Stephen made his directorial debut, as well as writing the screenplay, for the movie (an adaptation of his short story "Trucks") in 1985.

Given the title of this story, its already obvious what it's about. It's definitely a scary story. Poe makes you feel like you are there. Read this story carefully because there is also an important lesson to be learned.


His Story — album (artist: John Holt)

Probably my favorite Poe story. The narrator of the story describes his beautiful wife, Ligeia. She was tall and slender with pale skin and long black hair. She dies and he is heartbroken. Some time later he decides to move on with his life and he remarries. Strange things start to happen as the narrator thinks more and more about his first love, Ligeia...

Wait for a rainy night, turn off all the lights and light some candles before you read this story. Poe does such a great job of describing the surroundings in this story, you can easily place yourself there.