• About Herbert Lom (1917 – 2012)
  • The Czech-born, London-based Herbert Lom appeared in more than 100 films
  • Famed “Pink Panther” actor  Herbert Lom has died at the age of 95 on Thursday (September 27).
  • Herbert Lom je také autorem dvou románů:  a .

Phantom of the Opera (1962)


In 1975, the role of Chief Commissioner Charles LaRousse Dreyfus came to life, created by Herbert Lom in the Blake Edwards' Pink Panther movies. His delightfully over-the-top depiction of the French police chief, bedeviled and deranged by Peter Seller's bumbling Inspector Clouseau is the role he is best known for. Lom amused audiences with his performances in THE RETURN OF THE PINK PANTHER (1975), THE PINK PANTHER STRIKES AGAIN (1976), REVENGE OF THE PINK PANTHER (1978), TRAIL OF THE PINK PANTHER (1982) and CURSE OF THE PINK PANTHER (1983).

Herbert Lom died at the age of 95, on September 27th, 2012, in London, England. He is survived by his two sons, Alec and Nick; (by his first wife, Diana Scheu;1948-1971), and one daughter, Josephine; (by his second wife, Brigitta Appleby); and seven grandchildren.


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The Actor Herbert Lom, best known to cinema audiences around the world as Charles Dreyfus in the Peter Sellers version of The Pink Panther franchise, the classic Ealing Comedy The LadyKillers and the 1957 film Hell Drivers with Stanley Baker and Sean Connery has passed away at the age of 95.