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The Alice Collection/High School and Beyond: I Like Him, He Likes Her; It's Not Like I Planned It This Way; Please Don't Be True; You and Me and the Space In Between; Now I'll Tell You Everything


A loser like him should better not take on young mistress Malou. She knows no mercy sits down smack in the middle of his face with her hard jeans. Again and again she asks him if he likes her jeans, but crushed under her ass he can't get out a word. He doesn't want to lie under her ass, but he simply has to, and his face gets flattened under her ass. He feels the weight of her jeans ass against his nose and his face. The jeans are very hard and unwieldy, pressing down on him mercilessly. How long will the loser be able to endure it?

Lizzy: I think he likes her very much.
Charlotte: But does she like him? Few of us are secure enough to be really in love without proper encouragement. Bingley likes her enormously, but might not do more if she does not help him on.
Lizzy: But she’s just shy and modest. If he cannot perceive her regard, he is a fool.
Charlotte: We are all fools in love. He does not know her character as we do. She should move fast and snap him up. There is plenty of time for us to get to know him afterwards.


He Thinks He Likes Her And She Thinks She Likes It

I fell in love with I like him, He likes her, and will continue reading novels by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor, I especially love that her characters are so different, yet when she puts them all together they fit like pieces in a puzzle. When I first picked up the book, I was suspicious about reading it, but in the end I loved it. I wouldn’t change a thing in this novel because Naylor did an amazing job putting it together.