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Harvest Poems: 1910-1960


The idea is that they are either easily remembered or narrated, as there is always so little rehearsal time and never enough harvest poems and songs to go around, so these can be used individually with a class, or maybe even by mixing year groups to perform together. I won't pressume to tell you how to use them or what age group to use them with, but I have no doubt that you'll use them successfully however you choose to adapt them. The following details are just to give you an idea of what I had in mind as I wrote them:

This is my favourite of my harvest poems, as it is visual as well and uses the letters of the word "HARVEST" held aloft to spell out 2 new words for each verse. Each word is applicable to harvest- time and highlights the message of each verse (eg SHARE, STARVE, HAVE, SAVE, etc). This makes it a good poem to use in class also as it uses the concept of anagrams which you could take further in class. I have chosen and ordered the words carefully to make the swapping around of the letters as minimal as possible so that is will be easy to perform. , but I have included 'stage directions' in the poem script. Click on the following button for the last of my thanksgiving / harvest poems called, quite simply.....


The Harvest Moon | Academy of American Poets