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Wizard Snowy Owl


Reading the entire Harry Potter book series by is a rite of passage for children. All books were made into feature length movies, and when the movies were released, so weren't many fun Harry Potter toys. Given that each character and story includes intriguing magic, children still enjoy engaging in pretend play as these infamous characters. Given that so much time has passed since the movies were released, while many of these toys may not be able to be purchased brand new in stores any longer, it's possible they may be located new or through .

really? Really? THere were like...no Harry Potter toys. your telling me hundreds of thousands of children went to the collectors isle of a TRU and bought up one of the 6 harry potter figures that CLOG that Aisle?

Even Tangled is Farfetched since I'm fairly certain there are only a couple out there.

I'm pretty sure the people who answered this poll werent thinking of toys and were thinking movie.


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