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Deal Breaker: The First Myron Bolitar Novel


It was nearly three years ago that I first came across the work of Harlan Coben, and that wasn't through his printed books at all. I listen to a lot of speech radio, and I heard several serialisations of his novels on Oneword radio. I enjoyed hearing the stories, and about six months ago when I was stuck at Heathrow airport for five hours waiting for a flight that looked like it was never going to take off. A trip to the airport bookshop seemed in order, and I discovered that they were selling 'Dealbreaker' on special offer, that finally persuaded me to give Harlan Coben a try. I had almost finished the book before the flight was called.

First a brief outline of the plot.

Christian Steele is a young American football quaterback at the start of his professional career, one day his life is thrown into chaos when he receives a phone call from his former fiancee whom he, and everyone else believes to be dead.

Christian turns to his sports agent, Myron Bolitar for help, and it falls to Myron to investigate to case and find out what is going on. The case soon broadens out from the disappearance of one girl, to a situation involving sex, blackmail and murder in the world of American college sport, and the wider academic world.

I can't really say too much more about the plot without disclosing the story. This book takes a series of plot twists and turns, and the reader is constantly wondering where the investigation will go next.

Dealbreaker is very tightly plotted for all of its' almost 400 pages, and will certainly satisfy any lover of crime thrillers. I was a little worried before I started the book, because it is set in America, and it does involve a Sports Agent, and there is a lot of sport related themes in the book.
I'm not American, nor a huge sports fan, and I wondered if Harlan Coben might have the same effect on me as John Grisham, who always manages to send me to sleep, with his American legal novels.

with Harlan Coben and Dealbreaker, I find that the story is compelling enough to keep me interested even if he is describing something that wouldn't usually interest me.

I'd recommend Dealbreaker to anyone who enjoys crime fiction, I've certainly gone on to read further books in the series and I think you will too.

Harlan Coben publishing Deal Breaker, the first book of Myron Bolitar series, in 1995, and in March 22nd, 2001, he release the 10th book of the series titled Live Wire.


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