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Recently, a reader with a 15-year-old daughter wrote in and asked, “What are some good movies for teenage girls?”. While my teenage days are far behind me (unfortunately), I consulted with some teens and young adults I know and came up with the following
teen girl movie list that should satisfy even the most picky teenage moviegoer.
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(2002) – This comedy was a hit around the globe and introduced audiences to the talented Keira Knightley. A young British Indian girl, Jesminder Bhamra (Parminder Nagra), wants to follow her dream of playing soccer (like her idol, David Beckham), and she’s soon befriended by the tomboyish Jules Paxton (Knightley). Despite the protests of their parents, Jesminder and Jules excel both on and off the soccer field. This movie absolutely falls into the category of “What are some good movies for teenage girls?”.


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