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Teen Titans Go! (TM): Meet the Teen Titans! (Passport to Reading Level 2)


GoMeetNow is a pretty straightforward web conferencing service that focuses on making it as easy as possible for your guests to join meetings. It provides a good number of features, but there are a couple of things missing that may put some potential customers off opting for this service. The pricing plans are ideal if you only want a small number of participants or are looking for a flexible plan which allows you to change the number of participants on a month-by-month basis as you can pay for exactly the number that you require.

The main functionality of this site allows you to share your desktop with the participants of a meeting. All your guests can view your desktop and it is possible to pass keyboard and mouse control to one of them or allow them to present from their own desktop. For privacy you can choose whether to share your whole desktop or just one application - an extra handy feature is that if a new application unexpectedly pops up, GoMeetNow will pause the meeting so that it doesn't get displayed to the guests.


Let's Go and Meet the Bronies - Video by JanAnimations - YouTube

Wyndham Hotel Group presentó su nuevo programa de fidelización Go meet dirigido a organizadores de reuniones y eventos profesionales: los miembros del programa pueden ganar noches gratuitas en los hoteles del grupo, sin gasto mínimo ni límite de puntos canjeables, sólo por reservar.