• — Gavrilo Princip at his trial
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  • Sponsored by the Gavrilo Princip Soccer Club - Akron, Ohio
  • Sponsored by the Gavrilo Princip Soccer Club - Akron, Ohio

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"A Princip manuscript, written in prison at the request of a visiting Austrian doctor:
"On one occasion, we were discussing in company the question Kropotkin raised in his 'Universal Wealth:' 'What will the anarchists do in the event of the outbreak of a social revolution?' We all thought that what was involved was a phrase used by an old anarchist rather than any real and serious belief of his that such a revolution was possible at this time. Still, when we discussed this 'social revolution/ we almost all of us agreed that it was possible; but in our opinion it would first be necessary to create relations between the nations which would ameliorate the differences between the nations. But although we had read socialist and anarchist writings, we were nationalists, and did not concern ourselves much with this question, for we thought that everyone of us had a different duty, a national duty. May 12, 1916, Gavrilo Princip" "

On June 28, 1914, Princip and his comrade, Nedeljko Cabrinovic, along with four other members of the Black Hand, awaited the arrival of the Archduke. The first attempt to assassinate Ferdinand failed when Cabrinovic tossed a bomb at the royal automobile, but the bomb bounced off it and rolled under a second car, exploding and injuring an army officer. Archduke Ferdinand and his wife Sophie, the Duchess of Hohenberg, sped off to a reception at the City Hall untouched. Afterward the Archduke asked to visit the officer who had been injured earlier that day, and his driver unwittingly followed the same return route as the one taken earlier. The Duchess was not originally scheduled to return with the Archduke, but when last minute plans were made to visit the officer injured in the first attempt, she insisted on accompanying her husband. This decision, coupled with the lack of judgment in planning the return route, resulted in her death. The return route brought the Archduke back into the sights of Gavrilo Princip. As the royal car stopped within feet of him, Princip stepped forward and fired two shots. Sophie was hit on the right side and died first. The Archduke outlived her by only a short time. The bullet that took his life severed his jugular vein and came to rest in his spine. Princip later claimed that he intended one shot for General Oskar Potiorek, military governor of Bosnia, but the shot felled the duchess instead. One month later, on July 28, 1914, Austria-Hungary had found the reason it sought to enter into war. It held Serbia accountable for the actions of Gavrilo Princip and declared war.


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“Today, we are not afraid of the truth,” Nikolic said. “Gavrilo Princip was a hero, a symbol of the idea of freedom, the assassin of tyrants and the carrier of the European idea of liberation from slavery.”