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Future Cops (English Subtitled)

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Andy Lau stars as Kidd Zhao, a cop from the year 2080. Word gets out that genetically-enhanced bastard Kalon (Fan Siu-Wong) and his gene-spliced gang are out to kill Dr. Masterson (Ma Jing-Wu), inventor of the future's clean energy source, so the future cops brace for an attack at the museum Masterson is attending. The cops save Masterson, but they don't prevent Kalon and pals from getting away with a time travel device, meaning Kalon will surely head back in time to the year 2020 to kill Masterson and prevent the future from ever happening. The film's first big action sequence involves the baddies' attack on the museum, but their theft of the time travel device? Not shown and related entirely through exposition. And hey, how do the cops know Kalon's exact plans? No idea, but they just . Twenty minutes in and is already pushing for the bad moviemaking Hall of Fame.

' plot is wafer-thin, even by Wong Jing's "flying paper" standards. Basically, during the early 1990's, the game was a worldwide phenomenon. Wong Jing is the type of guy who is always quick to hitch his horse to the fastest cart, and so he set about to make a movie. The problem is that he didn't actually pay for the rights to use the characters from the game, so we get some of Hong Kong's biggest stars playing knock-offs. And instead of a world martial arts tournament like in the game, has a group of (you guessed it) "future cops" going back in time to save a loser (played by Dicky Cheung) who will eventually become a judge who convicts the future's top criminal (Ken Lo doing his best impersonation of M. Bison).


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The movie begins in 2043 Hong Kong. And if the on screen graphic telling you it was 2043 was not good enough, we see hoverboards with frick’n lasers attached to them, a sure fire sign that the things we are seeing on screen are not taking place in the present day but instead are taking place in the future. But while that is indeed our future, for the characters in the movie in that opening sequence it is their present day. So why would our group of heroes be referred to as Future Cops in 2043? It makes perfect sense to call them Future Cops when they go back in time to 1993. But in 2043, they were just cops.