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  • Frank Zane believes that during training, you should stretch your mind and body to the limit.
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  • Frank Zane is an American former professional bodybuilder and teacher.

The Zane Body Training Manual

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With desire and focus, Frank Zane has always manifested and accomplished his goals. It did not matter whether the endeavor was becoming a better typist in high school or the recipient of the coveted Mr. Olympia for three consecutive years; Zane has demonstrated what can be achieved through positive thinking and a focus that is laser like.

His resume of bodybuilding awards rank him as one of the most honored athletes in the history of the sport. With no more mountains to climb as a bodybuilder, Zane could have forsaken the health and fitness lifestyle for a less disciplined existence. Instead, he continued to stretch his muscle as a health and fitness icon. He and his wife Christine operated Zane Haven fitness center in Palm Springs, California training thousands from 1981-1998. He and Christine also authored a number of popular health and fitness books including: The Zane Way to a Beautiful Body, Super Bodies in 12 Weeks and Zane Nutrition. He would author and publish Fabulously Fit Forever and authored Frank Zane: Mind Body-The Personal Training Diaries and The Zane Training Manual.
He did not confine his fitness influence to one genre. He invented and patented the Leg Blaster, which develops leg strength while minimizing lower back and knee stress. Zane hosted the television program, Infinite Power Workout, which featured a variety of notable fitness and celebrity guests such as Jack Lalane, Steve Reeves and Joe Weider. In 1998 he began publishing Building the Body Quarterly Magazine which is free of advertising. In 2002 he produced and marketed a fitness DVD titled Train With Zane. He is also a popular speaker and currently provides a seminar that encourages others through Frank's Body Transformation.


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FRANK ZANE: Ideally, I’d like to not have to change it too much. I was never a big carbohydrate freak. There were always fewer carbohydrates in my diet than protein. I kept protein at one gram per pound of body weight, usually between 190–200 grams per day. My carbohydrates stayed between 70–150 grams, and fat made up around 25% of my total calories. I never went above 3,000 calories. I’d just get fat doing that.