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Beautiful Hands


* The most common cause for soft nails is exposure to water. Wear rubber gloves when doing the dishes. * Never file your nail after a bath since this is when they are their weakest and likely to split. If you have weak nails, try painting your base coat and nail polish under the tip of the nail to give them extra strength. * And for those velvety hands before the party, check this do for beautiful hands in a jiffy. Massage hands with lemon cream and rinse with warm water. Take some granulated sugar and mix it in small quantity of glycerine. Apply the mixture on the hands, from fingertips to the wrist, working the mixture well into the skin for 2-3 minutes. Finally rub the hands together and rinse under warm water. Viola! You have feather soft hands to flaunt at the party," says Laila. For beautiful feet: Ideally the beauty care regime is one that spans from head to toe. "Foot care not only improves personal appearance, it also adds to the comfort of the feet. Pedicure or the care of feet has become an important parlour service because the toes and heels are more or less exposed at today's shoe fashion. Neglected toenails and rough harsh heels detract the finest of footwear. A pedicure is essential once in two weeks by a qualified podiatrist in a salon, and is beneficial as well," says Laila.

Having clean and well-manicured nails is extremely important for beautiful looking hands. Soak your hands in soapy water for few minutes; this will remove all the dirt from your nails. Follow this routine once a week and see the results instantly. Do not bite your nails, cut them every 4-5 weeks, and file them regularly to give the desired shape. Apply good quality nail polish or just keep them natural. Never scrape off the nail paint with sharp objects, as it can weaken your nails.


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