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Fire Caste (Warhammer 40,000 Novels)


Sept Markings
The Tau utilise a great many markings and insignia, many of which determine such things as the wearer’s rank and unit. These are derived from the ancient warpaint worn by the Fire caste in the earliest history of the race. Although the exact form these markings take can be varied according to your own tastes, their colour is tied to the sept from which the wearer originates. The Tau use a wide variety of stripes and circles to indicate rank, role etc. Although you don’t need to ‘translate’ them exactly, they come in handy as a simple squad numbering system. Simply count a single stripe as team one, two stripes as team two and so on. Team leaders wear the same identity stripes, but these fill larger areas of their armour.
Squad Leader Variants

It’s worth persevering though. Fire Caste gives us the great character of Holt Iverson who I’m sure will be in other novels (though perhaps not in the traditional sense) and gives us a very interesting portrayal of the Greater Good, after it’s been subject to a 50 year unwinnable war and all the while steeped in the nature of the corrosive touch of chaos.


Fire Caste (Warhammer 40,000) by Peter Fehervari

Until Rath’zhi has his thirst for revenge and hunger for territory sated, he will continue to scorch anything in its path to the ground. Now that the Fire Caste has entered these lands, nothing is safe.