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  • So here’s a game for you. In the comments, write the name of a fictional character.
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God: The Most Unpleasant Character in All Fiction


Fiction is commonly broken down into a variety of subsets, or , each typically defined by , , or popularly defined criteria. often predicts or supposes technologies that are not realities at the time of the work's creation. For example, 's novel was published in 1865 and in 1969 astronaut landed on the moon. places imaginary characters into real historical events. In the early historical novel , 's fictional character Edward Waverley meets the figure from history and takes part in the .

“Net worth estimates are based on an analysis of the fictional character’s source material, and valued against known real-world commodity and share price movements. In the case of privately held fictional concerns, we sought to identify comparable fictional public companies. All prices are as of market close, April 12, 2010.”


Building Fictional Characters - Charlotte Dillon

They have to be the kind of people whose presence electrifies a room, the kind of people you can't take your eyes off. If a fictional character can walk into a room unnoticed, readers probably won't take much notice of them, either.