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Krono Country Classic Feta Cheese, 4 Pound -- 2 pails.

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Feta is actually lower in calories than many other cheeses, plus thanks to its flavor, one can eat less, without feeling cheated! But what about the feta cheese nutrition facts? When made from sheep’s milk, feta can provide more of a nutritional boost, as sheep’s milk contains higher levels of vitamins and minerals than cow’s milk. A wedge of feta supplies 19% of the daily recommended intake of calcium, which is important for bone health and prevention of osteoporosis. It is also high in proteins, it reinforces your immune function perfect for when your immune system is weakened, especially during the winter. One serving of feta cheese contains 14% of the riboflavin you need daily, offering a great antioxidant protection, which helps prevent signs of aging and, according to recent studies, helps avoid migraines. Also full of other vitamins and minerals, feta cheese (when eaten with moderation) will definitely boost your energy levels!

Many of us love cheese! Cheese is a delicacy, be it fried, baked, used for stuffing, or just as an accompaniment to a nice glass of wine. But how much do we know about its nutritional properties? How healthy is it? Stay tuned while we explore feta cheese nutrition facts!


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