• Fenway Park 100 Years
  • Fenway Park Celebrates 100 Years | US News
  • Fenway Park Celebrates 100 Years
  • As I'm sure you've know, legendary Fenway Park is 100 years old this year

Fenway Park 100 Years: The Official, Definitive History of America's Most Beloved Ballpark

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Boston's Fenway park is 100 years old in 2012!! From 1912 – 2012. This commemorative baseball has the front of Fenway Park on one panel, and the inside of the park on the other. Such a momentous milestone, especially in a time when new stadiums are being built all the time, it is the rare stadium that will stay standing and used! for this many years. Full of detailed, and beautifully colored, a historic piece!

With Fenway Park turning 100 years old next year, you can count on a steady stream of publications, specials and documentaries on the history of the ballpark.


Fenway Park 100 Years Celebration (Past & Present Players)