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A Father for Christmas: A Holiday Romance


Ever wondered where the fable of Father Christmas came from? Well, here is an imaginative answer. Set in the forests of the cold north one Yuletide Eve long ago, A Father Christmas Story tells of strange encounters and mysterious events. The tale provides an account, in keeping with the spirit of the festive period, of the first appearance of Father Christmas. It is the story of one man's appointment with destiny and a meeting that changed the world forever. Conveying the true meaning of Christmas, this unusual and engaging book is full of familiar Christmas images.

A Christmas Carol was written against a backcloth of a declining interest in Christmas and its extinction as a festivity. In contrast to Dickens' time, Christmas is now well and truly established and celebrated, but has perhaps moved to the opposite extreme, where the true meaning of the festivity has been lost. So, unlike A Christmas Carol, which makes no reference to the nativity, A Father Christmas Story integrates this into the tale, providing the explanation of how Father Christmas came to be. Hence the sub-title of the book, "Being a tale of How Father Christmas Came to Be".


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