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Fast Food, Good Food: More Than 150 Quick and Easy Ways to Put Healthy, Delicious Food on the Table


The outlets, all apple green and Warhol pink, have funky acrylic seats and lighting. Plasma screens flash TV news, and the staff are young and dressed-down. The soundtrack is Madonna. There are walls of fridges of fresh sandwiches, drinks and lunchboxes, and a counter where hot food is served. "The rule is that Fast Good uses the same quality of ingredients that we use at El Bulli," says Adrià. "That means pedigree DOC beef from named estates, baking our own buns on the premises every day and only Iberico ham for the sandwiches."

The execution is exemplary, too, Each burger is cooked to perfection and, rather than the sad, damp salad usually served up in burger joints, Fast Good offers mixtures of perky fresh leaves such as baby rocket and dandelion. Relishes are made from fresh chopped tomato, although there are bottles of ketchup and HP on the table. Chips are never frozen, but hand-cut from fresh potatoes and fried in first-press olive oil. Kids run about and there's no hushed, grand gourmand reverence, simply the buzz of people enjoying great, affordable food. Burgers cost around €5.50.


Why Fasting is Good For Your Brain

This Fast Good located in city centre is fun to try, to discover the vision that a great chef can have from fast-food industry. That gives for example: olive oil in the friers is changed every day and or the macedonia comes with the juice in a separate bowl to preserve the texture of the fruit! We adore about all in these four” Fast Good” of Madrid…
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