• Ethereal Software
  • Tip: Don’t try to correct people. “That’s not a God, that’s just ethereal software tricking you” won’t win you any friends.
  • This is when Ona sends an etheric software manifestation to spank Mike for being lippy to his elders.
  • What if you do some magick, then think for a minute, then want to do more magick? Won’t the ethereal software disconnect from you?

Ethereal Packet Sniffing


What I find interesting is what the ethereal software considers “crossing paths.” Apparently this includes the web. What I’m wondering now (and trying to discover) is how the software interprets these kinds of commands. I’m going to word the request differently to see what kind of different results I get.

I personally don’t get visions like that. And knowing the ethereal software, those visions didn’t come from it. But the interaction of your unique mind with a bunch of magickal stuff produced that really cool experience, and I think that’s awesome.


Wireshark - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Ethereal software can be programmed to project an emotion, just as a computer can be programmed to display an actor’s face or play an emotional song. But neither the ethereal software nor the computer is actually experiencing the emotion.