• Encyclopedia Brown books...
  • I love Encyclopedia brown books they are so awsome. They have a ton of mysteries in them, and I love mysteries.
  • I used to love-love-love Encyclopedia Brown books, now, I'm more into horses, but I still love Encyclopedia Brown books.
  • I like Encyclopedia Brown Books because their mystery books and I like mysteries. You should read this book if you like mysteries.

Encyclopedia Brown Box Set (4 Books)


I think the Encyclopedia Brown Books are great. They are for all ages and they're fun to read. Mystery lovers are bound to love this book! I love trying to solve the mysteries!

Encyclopedia Brown Books are the best!! They have mysteries but it's not all old-fashioned and boring with Dukes who lose precious diamonds and Sherlock Holmes-like detectives. Its just a normal kid solving exciting mysterious that you can solve too!!


How to Teach It: Let your students become detectives

From January 15 to June 30, 1989, a special Solve-It-Yourself Mystery Sweepstakes was held in conjunction with the Encyclopedia Brown books and . In the back of specially-marked copies of , Sobol presented an unsolved mystery for the contestant to solve for themselves and submit an answer for a chance to win a prize. The mystery for the contest was called "The Case of the Missing Birthday Gift", wherein Encyclopedia had to solve the case of a stolen bicycle that was given as a birthday gift to Willie Grant on his tenth birthday. The Tigers make an appearance as the suspects in the case; Bugs Meany, Jack Beck, and Rocky Graham all show up at the Tigers' clubhouse.[]