• the eiron and alazon act
  • between eiron and alazon characters
  • I have two very good friends called Eiron and Alazon, who are both dissemblers
  • paying particular attention to her use of the eiron and alazon comic figures.

Theology as Comedy: Critical and Theoretical Implications

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Unformatted text preview: Flying Karamazov Brothers prompt As I discussed in today's class, a classic pairing in comedy, going way back to the origins of comedy in ancient Greece, is the eiron and the alazon character. The one ( ) is the eironcharacter who will seem less capable (smart, strong, knowing,...whatever) than he/she is, and the other (alazon) is the character who might boast about being SO strong, SO brave, or SO clever, or SO whatever, but eventually proves inadequate in that respect. In what way is this kind of comedy used in the Flying Karamazov show, and how is made more complicated because of the physical feats performed? Discuss comic characterization in their act using this vocabulary but expanding it as necessary. 150200 words. Professor King Theater 1 Play Analysis 20 November 2014 Flying Karamazov Brothers The Flying Karamazov Brothers is a classic grouping of comedians, who assume the roles of the eiron and alazon. The identification of the eiron and alazon is made more complicated in the the Flying Karamazov Brothers' performance because there are four characters and more than one of them seem to be round characters. The Flying Karamazov Brothers use a lot of puns in their jokes. Their acts are also goofy, and at points in the show, at least two of the characters would take on the role of the eiron and act foolish. For example, the characters were trying to hide a box from each other and even though the presence of the box was clear, some of the characters seemed to be oblivious about its occupancy. Some of the characters would take on the role of the alazon and act knowledgeable. The alazon characters would act combative at times, but the competition between them and the eiron characters is playful. In the end all of the characters share the same mental capacity. The characters movements onstage are very showy and silly. The combination of their gestures are similar to the connection between the Stooges....

2925 ARCHETYPE RELATIONSHIPS Creator and Destroyer Eiron and Alazon Fool and Wise Fool Hero and Anti-Hero Innocent and Orphan Junex and Senex in “Comedy of Manners” Sage and Magician


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