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I Love You


Holman was born in and raised in . His mother, noticing that he loved to sing even as early as the age of two, introduced him to the and the , where he quickly revealed a natural aptitude. His abilities, however, were confined mostly to and family gatherings. At age ten, Eddie Holman stepped onto the stage on Amateur Night at the and showed his smooth tenor voice. His victory at the Apollo began to open many other doors, and soon he was performing at theaters on and even at . He was a regular performer on 's .

British journalist Tony Cummings once wrote, "Eddie Holman's voice, an astonishing precision instrument which can leap octaves with the speed of mercury and bend notes into shapes unimagined by lesser singers, has assured its possessor a place in soul history.


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While on the edge of major international acclaim, Eddie Holman continued to release a number of successful albums, some under his own gospel label, Agape, and on which label he plans to record additional longed-for projects in the near future. Schoochiebug Music Publishing and Agape Records (Eddie’s companies) are the exclusive sources that Eddie continues to use to glorify his maker in his own way.