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Dragonsong (Harper Hall Trilogy, Book 1)


FairyRoom is thrilled to welcome Elizabeth Malczynski, fantasy artist and illustrator, probably best known for the iconic first paperback cover of Anne McCaffrey's DragonSong (Bantam, 1976), the original full painting of which appears below.

Welcome to Dragon Song Forge. We build the custom traditionally made katanas of your dreams. Send us a message if you would like a quote or just have a question about katanas. And make sure to come visit us at one of the many conventions we attend.


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Lunar is not a bad game by any means. Most of the flaws mentioned in this review will fade to the background if players are in possession of huge amount of patience and an abundance of free time. Dragon Song features a bundle of original ideas, but fails to implement them in a fashion that stays entertaining throughout the course of the game. Hopefully Lunar will make another appearance on the DS in the near future and do this series justice.