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Disney Parks Exclusive Planes : Fire and Rescue Deluxe 10 Piece PVC Figure Play Set

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The theatrical release of Disney Planes certainly hasn’t fared well critically, regardless we are here to take a look at the accompanying video game Disney Planes for the Wii U. For those who may not know, the Planes games are exclusive to Nintendo platforms. More often than not movie tie-in games tend disappoint, it’s just a fact in the industry. So, with that in mind let’s find out if the Wii U version is worth the cash or simply an attempt to cash in.

The setting for Disney Planes the video game takes place after the events of the movie. In the game there are four modes to choose from: the main story mode, free flight, Air Rallies and a Bubble Pop mode. The story mode is the “main” mode of the game and features various adventures to play through for each of the characters featured. What initially looks to be a nice variety to the challenges lessens as you dig deeper into the game and you realize that some challenges are repeated as you play with the different characters. Challenges can also be pretty short. I’m torn between whether this is by design to keep things simple and match the shorter attention span of the young ones or if the developers simply couldn’t come up with any better ideas.


Disney Planes echo bravo 1920 x 1200

Attach your Disney Plane to the ceiling and watch it fly! It will fly around 360 degrees and has a spinning propeller. There are two of your favourite characters to choose from: Dusty the crop duster and El Chupacabra.