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  • Debra Sullivan was arrested on November 24, 2015 in Clermont County, Ohio.
  • Debra Sullivan, PhD, RDDepartment ChairMidwest Dairy Council Professor in Clinical Nutrition

Learning to Lead, Second Edition: Effective Leadership Skills for Teachers of Young Children


KU Researcher Invested as Professor in Clinical Nutrition
Debra Sullivan, PhD, RD, received the Midwest Dairy Council's Endowed Professorship in Clinical Nutrition. ()

Debra Sullivan has been a licensed real estate agent in Washington for 24 years and is currently with Coldwell Banker San Juan Is. in San Juan Island. Debra focuses on Friday Harbor and has completed 43 transactions there.


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Adam and Kipp collaborated on many TV writing projects, working with big names like Ron Howard. Adam and his wife Debra Sullivan — they celebrate their 20th anniversary next month — also worked together often. Their credits include , starring Val Kilmer.