• Dead Before Dawn 3D (2012)
  • You can also listen & download the part where she’s talking about “Dead before Dawn” .
  • Dead Before Dawn won  in Mod DB's 2008 awards.
  • As I see it, each "part" it's a map. All this maps together are the Dead Before Dawn campaign.

Dead Before Dawn

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Martha MacIsaac shares a behind-the-scenes look at the making of her latest film “Dead before Dawn 3D” and much more on the the radio show .

Wango, here is another video from the “Dead before Dawn” Niagara Falls screening on the football field ! If you were attending the event on Aug. 16th, maybe you’ll see yourself chased by a Zemon…


“Dead before Dawn” review on (06 Aug. 2013)

We spent some time a few weeks ago to make a Teaser that gives you a feeling about the upcoming "Dead Before Dawn Director's Cut. One thing is for sure...